Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ebrary outage on Tuesday 1/21/2014

Welcome back! 

Just in time for the start of our Spring Semester, our Ebrary eBook collection is under-going maintenance by the vendor.  There will be some downtime starting at 6:00PM CST and lasting a maximum of 3 hours.  If you need to access an Ebrary book at that time please feel free to click on the link, but be aware that it might not work.  If you receive an error message just try again after 9:00pm.  If you continue to receive an error after 9:00pm, please contact our Research Assistant at refdesk@carrollu.edu for support.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Upcoming Library catalog and database outage

Due to the upcoming ITS Server move, Library resources will be unavailable starting around 6am on Saturday, October 19th to noon on Sunday, October 20th.

This includes-
  • PioCat, the Library online catalog
  • PioProxy, which is the authentication screen you see when you log into any of the library's online resources- includes access to databases, ebooks, streaming films, etc.
  • Digital Collections- theses, yearbooks, student newspapers, photos, art, etc. 
 All of the servers will be moving to the Graduate Center and will be temporarily unavailable. These resources may be available earlier than noon on Oct. 20th, or they may not, depending on the move schedule.

If you have questions regarding this maintenance please contact the ITS Help Desk (262-524-7229 or helpdesk@carrollu.edu)

The Legend of the Carroll “C”

Just in time for Homecoming... 
There are persistent rumors about who first used the wishbone-style “C” logo that Carroll University currently uses. Over the years, there have been claims that either the Chicago Bears stole it from Carroll, or vice versa. 
Interestingly, there are many other colleges that use the wishbone C- in 2012, Paul Lukas of ESPN traced team use of the C in an online article, with the University of Chicago winning with the earliest documented use (1898) and the Cincinnati Reds not far behind (1905.) Lukas says that the Bears didn’t start using it until 1962.  
As far as Carroll’s exclusive use of the wishbone C, depends on the year, the team, and the sport.
Undated, handmade, Gothic C Carroll pennant, probably 1910s
The issue here is that for many years, athletics at Carroll used a variety of uniforms and logos, from team to team, and from year to year. Many of the earliest uniforms appear handmade, as most clothing then was. 

The very earliest appearance of any kind of C on an athletics uniform appears to be on part of the track team of 1911 (though it makes its published appearance in the 1913 Hinakaga.)

Carroll Track Team, 1911 with plain jerseys, block C jerseys, and wishbone C/iron cross jerseys
As you can see, the official team photo includes athletes with a variety of uniforms, though the majority have the wishbone C in a sort-of iron cross. This emblem was also used on the track page of the Hinakaga:
Other Carroll teams, notably football and basketball, used striped jerseys or a block "C" logo, though again, not consistently.
1894 Carroll Football team in front of Main Hall with plain or "Carroll" jerseys.

1900 Carroll Football team on the steps of Main Hall with striped and black block C jerseys
1920 Carroll Football team with striped jerseys
1934 Carroll Football team with plain jerseys
1909 Carroll Basketball team with block C jerseys and sweaters

1924 Carroll Basketball team with plain black jerseys and a coach with a block C sweater
The next documented appearance of the wishbone C is on the sweater of a coach for the 1934 Men's Basketball team, and then on the warm-up suits of the 1937 Men's Basketball team.

1934 Men's Basketball team in Carroll jerseys, note coach at left wearing the wishbone C on his sweater
1937-1938 Men's Basketball team with wishbone C warm-up suits, plus the wishbone C cardigan sweater on the coach at right.
So by the 1930s, then, the wishbone C appears in more places, but seemingly college sweaters and warm-ups, not the uniform itself. There are more examples in the 1940s of the wishbone C on sweaters, notably worn by the chosen Hinky Heros in the yearbooks:
1941 Hinky Hero- Ned Demming, star of Carroll football & basketball teams
1942 Hinky Hero- Steve Reega, football, basketball, track and javelin
1951 Hinky Hero- John William Beyer, basketball and tennis
In 1953, there were wishbone C letter jackets, as worn here by Carroll football players:
1953 winning Carroll Football players with their wishbone C letter jackets
 The Carroll Cheerleaders, interestingly, seem to be the earliest consistent users of the wishbone C in their uniforms, starting in 1949 and continuing onward.
1949 Cheerleaders with the ladies wearing wishbone C sweaters
1954 Cheerleaders, wishbone C sweater plus a wishbone C in the floor of Ganfield Gym- it's unclear when that particular floor was installed.
1956 Carrollettes with wishbone C shirts
1960s Carroll Cheerleaders in wishbone C sweaters, some wearing sweaters that combine a bullhorn with a wishbone C
1976 Cheerleaders with wishbone C shirts, plus the wishbone C in the floor of the Van Male Gym (built 1965)
Other team uniforms continued to use the word "Carroll" written out, or rely on the simple blue or orange color with numbers. The wishbone C did appear later on football player helmets, but not on the jerseys.
1970s Carroll Basketball uniform with a double block C on the shirt (check out those pants!)
1995 Carroll Basketball team, no C visible on the uniforms
2009 Carroll Football uniform with the wishbone C on the helmet
It's unclear exactly when Carroll began exclusively using the wishbone C, but regardless, Carroll is one of many teams, both professional, college, and other, that use the logo. According to Lukas of ESPN:

"On the college level, the wishbone-C is currently worn by Catawba College in North Carolina; Central College in Iowa; Chapman University in California; Colby College in Maine; Concordia College in Minnesota; Creighton University in Nebraska; and the University of Central Missouri."

(He left out Carroll!)

He also mentions 3 Texas high schools, former Negro League Kansas City Monarchs and the Cincinnati Tigers, Guess Jeans, the Cincinnati Reds, the Bears, the Minnesota Twins, the University of Chicago... "The power of the wishbone-C even extends across the ocean to Japan, where the logo is used by the Hiroshima Toyo Carp and Chuo University."

It's a popular logo. Who wore it first? We'll probably never know.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Government Shut Down and Database Access

With the US government temporary shut down, we may see impact on some of the databases and resources provided by the US federal government.

These include:
  • ERIC 
    • ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) at Carroll is hosted on EBSCO, but the data is provided by the US Department of Education. Due to the government shutdown, the ERIC website is offline until government functions resume. However, we will not be as severely impacted since our access is via EBSCO. ERIC (hosted by EBSCO) is still operational.

      Any article that has HTML or PDF is accessible; however, there are some Full-Text records that only have a link to the document on the ERIC website – these links will NOT work during the shutdown. Those appear to be a small portion of the ERIC records, but please be aware.
  • PubMed 
    • PubMed has been designated to be maintained with minimal staff during the lapse in government funding. The information on this website will be kept as up to date as possible, and the agency will attempt to respond to urgent operational inquiries during this period. Updates regarding government operating status and resumption of normal operations can be found at http://www.usa.gov.
  • Science.gov
    •  Due to the federal shutdown, some databases and websites are not currently available.
We will keep this list updated.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Student Life, According to the Students

Student assistants in the Carroll Archives have been diligently scanning away, and our online collection of newspapers is almost complete!

Interested in what Carroll students wrote about in 1855 (when the paper's motto was "Will Ye Judge Us, Men of Mind? Judge in Kindly Calmness")? Or maybe you're interested in what students did at Homecoming through the years?
Know your 1925 Carroll football players.
Perhaps you want to revive the tradition of freshman wearing caps and don't know where to start?

Regardless, there's lots to read.

The digital collection includes all of the official student newspapers as well as the alternative newspapers in the Archives' collection. Take some time to search the collection!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Classroom Closed for the Summer

The Library's classroom will be closed for summer 2013, starting May 13th. We are remodeling the space, so check back in fall!

Please use the computers in the Information Commons.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Carroll Freshman- Take a Quiz and Enter to Win an iPad Mini and Other Prizes!

Are you a Carroll Freshman? Class of 2016?

Want to enter to win an iPad mini or other cool prizes AND help out your favorite library?!?

In the fall, you each took an information literacy assessment in your CCS100 library session. We need you to take it again to see how far you’ve come!
  • To participate, you must be a first year student who was enrolled in a section of CCS100 last fall and took the TRAILS assessment. 
  • Participation in this assessment is voluntary and will in no way affect your course grades. 
  • The assessment is computerized and multiple choice; it’s the same one you took in fall.
  • It only takes about 20-25 minutes of your time.
Here’s what to do:

1. You can take the assessment between Monday, April 29 and Monday, May 6. EMAIL ME (Karla Strand, kstrand@carrollu.edu) to let me know your top three preferred dates/times.
2. I will reply to your email and confirm your day/time.
3. Come to the library at your assigned date and time to take the assessment. You will be given 25 minutes to complete the assessment. I will give you a test code at the time of your assessment, so don’t worry if you do not remember your code from fall.
4. You will be entered into the drawing upon completion of the assessment and winners will be contacted by 8am Tuesday, May 7 so that they will be able to collect their prizes before they leave campus.